6 Weeks of Transformation

Psalm 92:12 
The righteous shall FLOURISH like a palm tree and grow 
like a cedar in Lebanon

Spring has officially sprung...

It's the perfect time to shed off the old and step into the NEW!  Spring is a season of beauty....the time of year to plant, grow and EXPECT new things.  It's a time where everything in nature begins to FLOURISH.  It's a season to PREPARE for more and expect INCREASE. 


We are so excited for this season of MORE and we have something BRAND NEW that we created just...for...YOU! Our Freedom 2 Flourish program will take you from frustrated to free, from stuck to moving forward, from fear to confidence and from lack to abundance.

How about you?

Are you flourishing in this season, or are you finding yourself frustrated and stuck?  Perhaps you're struggling with lots of stories around fear, lack or scarcity and they're keeping you from making the impact or income you were created for--whether in life or business.  Maybe these mindsets are holding you back from reaching your goals or having a flourishing life or business.  If you're tired of feeling like you've been sitting in the same place for months and even questioning whether or not entrepreneurship is for you---then it's time to make a change. 

I know what it's like to work for hours and feel like there's no return on investment. I know all too well the struggle you're having. I get where you're at, but when I implemented the key Biblical principles we're sharing in Freedom 2 Flourish, everything accelerated.  It all changed when I made a major mindset shift from lack to realizing that everything I needed was already in me.  
God wasn't holding back His abundance or power, He was simply waiting for me to BELIEVE and put into motion what was already in my hand.  

I believe the season we're in right now is a time of increase and momentum.  A time for women like you and I to activate our faith in a BIGGER way, so the purposes of God can be accelerated upon the Earth.

Imagine using your talents and treasures to create, instead of wasting time in cycles and sabotage?  Think about what you could do, if fear no longer held you back from serving the people you were born to serve? Imagine how those lives could be impacted.
Imagine experiencing the FREEDOM to step out and partner with God,

so His grace and abundance could flow through you and your business in a bigger way!
It is possible!


                            It's time to flourish...
FREEDOM 2 FLOURISH we will show you how


break forth,
spring up,

sprout, fly,
blossom, grow, 


Meet your hosts...two coaches come together


Pam is a Mindset & Empowerment Coach,

Dedicated to EMPOWERING women with the courage, confidence and clarity to step into their purpose and live free in who God created them to be. She is a freedom fighter and passionate about supporting women on their personal journey of freedom and walking out their dreams.


Her desire is to help broken women re-write the story of their lives, by equipping them with the tools for clear vision, strong leadership and a confident identity.  Pam encourages others with a strong conviction of God's Word and stories from her own personal journey of victory over fear, insecurity and shame.


With a deeply centering message, Pam brings her audience to clarity in their God given identity and purpose. Pam attended Rhema Bible Training Center and is a graduate of Christian Coach Institute.


Business Performance Strategist

Jill is a wealth mindset and confidence coach for female business owners and entrepreneurs who desire to cultivate a fearless approach to sales & expand their income potential.  Through cultivating an atmosphere of growth, self-doubt and self-sabotage are uprooted, revealing the courageous woman within.

Jill is an Assistant Pastor and successful businesswoman who has an anointing to shift others into a Biblical money mindset and genuine Biblical prosperity.  Her expertise is helping women break the chains of poverty off of their lives and legacies.

Jill also has a passion to see women in the body of Christ EDIFY one another and compliment eachother's gifts, for God's glory!

Here's why we do this work...

I am passionate about serving, inspiring and supporting women of like faith as they overcome fears, doubts, and strongholds of the mind that keep them from possessing all that God has for them in every aspect of their life.


I am called to encourage others in their journey from broken to beautiful, and from broke to bounty as they learn to cultivate a mindset and atmosphere of personal growth and monetary increase. I use the Word of God as a necessary tool to help lay the foundation for a strong life and successful business.

~Jill Albanys

I know what it's like to be a Christ follower, yet constantly live in the sabotage of "not enough" thinking.  I lived for years in comparison, the need for affirmation and always searching for something external to make me whole and ready to step out with God.  I had BIG dreams, yet always felt like living the life I was designed for, was out of reach or maybe just not for me. 

I sat on the sidelines of life, hiding behind FEAR and always waiting for that day when something would change.  Through spending time in God's Word, prayer and taking strategic steps, something shifted. I realized I was already equipped and had the POWER to say YES to God! 

~Pam Cappabianca


2% of all my program profits are set aside & given to a faith based non-profit for women


To share the principles from God's Word that gave us the freedom to flourish...To SERVE women like you who feel called to more, but struggle with believing God wants to live big through support those women who love God and desire an authentic life that's in alignment with God's heart and His help women dismantle fear and lack, so God's gifts and resources can pour through them FREELY---- for His glory. 

We both believe in the power of coaching, which has been one of the biggest accelerators of growth in both of our lives.   

Now we're on a mission...


This is for you if...

  • You're a purpose driven Christian woman and/or entrepreneur

  • You’re looking to grow your life & business and increase what's in your hand 

  • You're looking to experience FREEDOM from fears, doubt and "not enough" mindsets that are keeping you STUCK

  • You're an entrepreneur with mindset struggles around money and increase

  • You know you need support and accountability to help you move forward

  • You are ready to invest in where you want to go

What you will take away.....

  • Six key Biblical truths that will ignite your faith and take you from broke to financially blessed

  • Steps to accelerate growth in your life, leadership and business

  • Mindset shifts to take you from fear to fearlessly implementing what's in your hand

  • Keys to becoming the confident leader you dream of being

  • Tools to take you from defeated to empowered

  • Strategies to crush unbelief and keep you moving forward


Your Freedom 2 Flourish Package Includes...

  • 6 weekly LIVE group calls

  • A private Facebook group community with daily interaction

  • Six weeks of FOCUSED material with homework

  • All material is Biblically based and designed to keep you taking action

  • Weekly accountability support with two professional Christian coaches

  • Personalized coaching in an intimate group setting

  • Call time:  Thurs Nights 7:00pm-8:00pm (EST)

  • Dates: 04/12 thru 05/17

Total Investment


Don't miss out on our Spring Special...
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by 4/2/18

Pam truly has a gift for pulling out the places within you that are being controlled by FEAR when you haven't even realized that's where you have been stuck.   


Pam also provides very practical solutions to your obstacles so that you can move forward with confidence and know that you are honoring God. I love how Pam empowers people to courageously step out into new realms of leadership from a Biblical perspective and brings grace with her words.  


You can always hear her heart to shepherd the people she teaches in a way that invites them into more freedom and healing. You always leave a conversation with Pam having more clarity, confidence, and courage. 

                         ~Hena A.

Here's a tiny snapshot of the material...

Week 1:  {Reveal..Unlock...Flourish}...Get clariy & vision of what you already have in your hand.

Week 2:  {Unleash }...Break the limitations of fear, comparison and doubt that keep you hiding instead of giving what you have in your hand.

Week 3:  {Break Out & Break Forth}...Targeting and breaking through the spirit and mindset of poverty. Grow, flourish and be released into freedom and abundance.

Week 4:  {Activate}...Keys to activate your faith and help you stay in the game as you wait for a return and harvest.

Week 5:  {Transformative Power of Action}...Build confidence and become fearless through action & implementation. Fear is broken off when we courageously step outside of our comfort zone & face fear.

Week 6
:  {Release}...Step into your grace filled identity and be released to flourish into all that you were created for.

We've prepared, now it's up to you! 

Are you ready to take the next step?

On this journey of life and entrepreneurship, we know all about seasons of being stuck.  We know there are times we even

question whether or not we're on the right path. It's during those times that support and accountability are required to help

us move into the next level!

Get the support you need from a community of

Christ centered entrepreneurs. 

We would love the opportunity to support

and serve you on your journey.

If you are believing for breakthrough and know this program is for you,

then we pray you BOLDLY take a step.

  If you don't step forward, you will always be in the same place.   
~Tiphani Montgomery


We are praying for you and believing you hear from the Lord!

If this resonates with you, but you still have questions, please connect with us by scheduling a free discovery call here.




Note: Both Jill and Pam highly regard attending, supporting and serving in the local church. Although both Jill & Pam are Associate Pastors in their local church,
this class or any coaching program IS NOT a substitute for your
involvement in the local church.