The world has yet to be impacted through your message.  

You are woman on a mission.  You have been called by God to set the captives free through your message.  He is inviting you to partner with heaven and take the next step.  Will you say yes?  

Whether you’re a coach, speaker, ministry leader or entrepreneur you have MORE than just a product to sell.  God wants to create a masterpiece message through you that's an expression of His love and grace to this world. 


I'm a breakthrough coach and dedicated to EMPOWERING Christian women like YOU, who have a message but are struggling with the courage, confidence and clarity to get it out into the world.

                I'm dedicated to helping you discover and unlock the message
             in your heart.  Are you ready to JUMP in?   Someone is waiting for you!

Courage...Moving a God sized dream from our heart into a space where it impacts lives, takes courage; courage to take uncomfortable action, break out of personal limitations and take ownership of the things God is giving us.




Clarity...Are you ready to get clear on WHO you are and embody your authentic message; serve others with your unique vision, voice and values, while bringing glory to God?  The Bible says that our heart overflows with a good theme.  Whether you're creating a business or ministry, it's super important to know your theme.  What do you stand for and what message will be expressed through your life?  I believe with the right support you can discover your voice and unleash the message in your heart.  

Confidence...How  are you showing up in the world?  Are you showing up believing you are less than or that IN CHRIST YOU ARE ENOUGH? Having a mindset aligned with your Christ centered identity will keep you doing ministry and business from a place of grace and power. It's time to ditch the fear and let Jesus be expressed through your life and message.

Spirit lead me where my trust
is without borders,

let me walk upon the waters 

wherever you would call me.